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Know the different modern Japanese music genres February 14, 2012

Music is one part of arts that is loved by Japanese people. They also have different bands ranging from different genres they sing. They have all male, all female or mix group of band members.  They have many talented artists that are in the music industry. Some are into music and also into film industry. Nothing is better than being in two different kind of art that gives entertainment to people. Japanese do not stick to one genre of song but they also like many like the J-pop that originated from them.

It is not easy to describe as they are much creative in making music that can fall under its category. It is very important that entertainers or singers set their own fashion style as it can be more given attention and importance than their talent and the music they produced. Another kind of genre is J-rock and visual rock that is the version of rock in the west.  In this kind of music, performers’ wears costumes and clothes that attract attention and project an image.

Electronica (J-Synth) is the version of Japanese electronic music. It became popular and it has reached Japan. Now many artists are into it. They are developing sounds and tunes in accordance to their creativity. It is like the ones who have a software vision that wants to create one that will be useful and in detail.



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