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The Role of Music in the World November 21, 2015

Language is the most common way we communicate with each other. If language disappears, no one could be able to see the future and its generation. Now, our language has upgraded to something that has a melody using the musical tones. Then what is the role of music? We can not actually associate with many people around the world. This is why we can be aware of what is happening around the world through music. Music tell stories about something, may it be an emotion, history and others.

Basically, what is the role of literature? It is to express you emotions towards something. Literature is a means of expression. Music is a work of literature, therefore, music is a means of expression towards something or someone. We do not go through all the walks of life so sometimes, we lack understanding. If all people undergo the same situation and circumstances at the same time, the world will probably peaceful because there is understanding among us. Unfortunately, this is not life.

This is why we listen to the sound of music that would make us understand others emotions and stories and so we can learn something from it. The melody of music can actually comfort us from troubles and sorrows. This is the reason why people fall in love to music. Music is a like an j=herbal medicine that heals the pain we have that is incurable by doctors and medicines. If the world will be filled with music, how wonderful will it could be?

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