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The Kabuki Theater native in Japan: What is it all about? March 16, 2016

Kabuki plays originated in the country of japan. They are very talented and already mastered this kind of art. They have kept it maintained for how many ages. They present it in different performances and is considered as traditional Japanese play. It was played first by men and women but now it is played all by men. They have mastered then to wear women clothes and accessories and to act like one. It has many of its unique feature that japan has projected their own style and art.

Kabuki is well known for their elaborate costumes, makeup that covers the whole face to look like any character they perform. It was first one kind of entertainment of the masses but its popularity and appreciation reached the upper classes. Their performances are unique as together with the act they play and use traditional instruments. It was improved over time with additional features in the stage. It has many places that is provided in the stage to make the acting more realistic and where they can have many various performances like fighting.

The stories they portray are often traditional and other element are in it. In these days it does not attract young audiences. As there are many kind of entertainment with many visual affects it is not a surprise that it will become part of history. Kabuki play was designated by the UNESCO as one considered or has the status of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


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