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I love Japanese Music, so will you.

Japanese have their own traditional music and are still familiar with them even until this moment. Japanese music are purely Japanese style music but borrowed the traditional music instruments from China and Japan thousands of years ago. In the beginning of the 6th century, Japan also had involved themselves to music and so they have adopted Chinese instruments that have been modified few times. The new versions of the musical instruments carried to Japan are Koto, Shamisen and  Shakakuhachi.

Koto is a stinged instrument having 13 strings, and this is a large wooden instrument measuring around 16  to 200 inches long and 12 inches across. They play this by wearing picks on the finger and pressing down on the strings to bend notes and create musical effects. Shamisen is just like a guitar. However, since it’s the early version, it had only three strings and tuning pegs are the adjusted for refining pitch. They pluck strings with fingers just as the guitar is plucked. Shakuhachi is a flute made of bamboo-four holes in the front and one hole at its back. Although there are only few holes, it can still produce the perfect range of sound. Since the modernization era, these traditional instruments producing traditional music are gradually disappearing. But Koto is still familiar to the music of Japan to this very day. Example of traditional music is the Yamada Kengyo and Kineya Rokuzaemon.

In Japan, modern music is a combination of western style and Japanese culture. The different genres of music in Japan are all popular to them. However, their modern music is covered by pop or rock music. They have come to admire the western music and eventually came to adapt western music created music out of them. It is not much to say that what is famous to them in the world of music is the music in the west. This is probably because the modern singers of Japan from ‘50’s to this day admired the western music.